Mauritius Experience – 2011

We decided to spend a few weeks of our summer in Mauritius. At first we wanted to go to Thailand but that didn’t work out because of the rain season. After reading a few magazines and travel brochures we thought we had found our paradise on Earth. We came across this quote so many times that we started to believe it.

“God created Mauritius first and then heaven” by Mark Twain

Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful island with lovely places, but to call it heaven. So what I am trying to say, and just trying to be honest here.. Mauritius is a beautiful island but if you go to the islands in the Pacific Ocean you got a real private, bounty island which is more deserving of the title heaven on Earth. But that’s just my opinion and I did enjoy my holidays here.

So what did we do while being in Heaven:

  • Had our own private beach
  • Saw a sunset from the beach
  • Went with a speedboat to Coin de Mire and Ile plate
  • Had a private session of interaction with cheetah’s.
  • Mingled with the locals on the beach
  • Saw rare and unique animals on Ile aux Aigrettes 
  • Hiked trough slums
  • Visited Ile aux Cerfs by catamaran
  • Had some amazingly beautiful viewpoints in Black River Gorges National Park
  • Witnessed a holy ceremony at the Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir Temple
  • Visited seven coloured earth ‘Chamarel’
  • Saw the tea plantations at Bois Cheri
  • Interacted with lions
  • Saw a cool waterfall in the midst of grain fields
  • Attacked by a giant tortoise (but it was too slow)
  • Checked out the botanical gardens of Pamplemousses
  • Being ‘creative’ on the beach, check picture here

And a few other things, but just check out the pictures if you like because they say more than a thousand words. If they would ask me to rate Mauritius I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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