Bucket List 2012

As a inspiration to live my life to the fullest and enjoy it while I can I’ve compiled a list, a Bucket List if you will, of things I want to see and do before I die. Normally I use a general document as a guideline of the things I want to do but for this occasion I’ll focus the attention to the things I want to see and do this year, 2012.

  1. Sleep under the stars
  2. Take a picture of an endangered animal (in the wild)
  3. Go kayaking
  4. Getting my license to drive a motor
  5. Go wildwater rafting
  6. Celebrate Christmas and New Years on a beach
  7. Go wildlife spotting in National Parks
  8. Visit Costa Rica
  9. Start a food fight
  10. Spot whales and dolphins in the wild
  11. Visit Paris, France
  12. Mingle with the locals in Costa Rica
  13. Go your own way and ‘forget’ the boundaries of an organized holiday
  14. Go and volunteer abroad
  15. Focus on what is important*
  16. Stand on top of a(n) (active) volcano
  17. Scuba dive in Costa Rica
  18. Be adventurous
  19. Visit Prague, Czech Republic
  20. Dream about the things that are possible and try to fulfill as many as possible
  21. See the European Tour of Nitro Circus live
  22. See the sunrise (while on a beach)



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