Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut

Like many fans of the Mass Effect trilogy I was a bit disappointed by the way they concluded the final game, Mass Effect 3.

After finishing Mass Effect 3 without an imported character from Mass Effect 2 I noticed I missed a lot of conversation options and key elements of returning crew members from the previous games. So I decided to re-install Mass Effect 1 and 2 and to play from the beginning. It’s nice to see that the developer, Bioware, sucked me in the story and made me feel like Commander Shepard. The Paragon and Renegade aspect and the options that follow are nice additions to the game. The story is rock solid and well based. I really enjoyed playing the games, and as a matter of fact I finished them multiple times to experience the games to the fullest. This being said I was happy to see that the criticism was taken to heart and that Bioware took the time to make a more elaborate ending.

In this ‘article’ I copied the movie clips from Gamespot.

New Control Ending – Mass Effect 3

New Destroy Ending – Mass Effect 3

New Synthesis Ending – Mass Effect 3

New Refuse Ending – Mass Effect 3

With the new addition of the refuse option. I still stick with my chosen option – Synthesis.

They also added a new cutscene when you are running towards the Citadel in the last mission.

New Cut Scene

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