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Summer day – What to do on a beach

I’m the type of person who can’t stay still for a long period of time. Whenever I’m on the beach I would rather swim, do sports or be ‘creative’. Most of the time I spend in the water, exploring the sea life or just enjoy the water to cool down. I can’t spend more then 30 minutes on a towel just laying there. So the other half of the time I’m trying to get someone do a sport with me; beach tennis, badminton, frisbeeing, soccer. Or i’ll dig a hole or try to build something. Like I did while I was in Grand Baie, Mauritius.  I made my own sand turtle. So my question for you is: what do you like to do on a beach?

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Mauritius Experience – 2011

We decided to spend a few weeks of our summer in Mauritius. At first we wanted to go to Thailand but that didn’t work out because of the rain season. After reading a few magazines and travel brochures we thought we had found our paradise on Earth. We came across this quote so many times that we started to believe it.

“God created Mauritius first and then heaven” by Mark Twain

Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful island with lovely places, but to call it heaven. So what I am trying to say, and just trying to be honest here.. Mauritius is a beautiful island but if you go to the islands in the Pacific Ocean you got a real private, bounty island which is more deserving of the title heaven on Earth. But that’s just my opinion and I did enjoy my holidays here.

So what did we do while being in Heaven:

  • Had our own private beach
  • Saw a sunset from the beach
  • Went with a speedboat to Coin de Mire and Ile plate
  • Had a private session of interaction with cheetah’s.
  • Mingled with the locals on the beach
  • Saw rare and unique animals on Ile aux Aigrettes 
  • Hiked trough slums
  • Visited Ile aux Cerfs by catamaran
  • Had some amazingly beautiful viewpoints in Black River Gorges National Park
  • Witnessed a holy ceremony at the Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir Temple
  • Visited seven coloured earth ‘Chamarel’
  • Saw the tea plantations at Bois Cheri
  • Interacted with lions
  • Saw a cool waterfall in the midst of grain fields
  • Attacked by a giant tortoise (but it was too slow)
  • Checked out the botanical gardens of Pamplemousses
  • Being ‘creative’ on the beach, check picture here

And a few other things, but just check out the pictures if you like because they say more than a thousand words. If they would ask me to rate Mauritius I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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The Ghosts of World War II’s Past

The pictures are from a few years back but I just saw them and thought they are amazing.

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshops in World War II picture into more recent shots to make the past come alive. You can read the original (?) article on this site.

I will point out the pictures which spoke the most to me

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Story of my life

This picture resembles my life spot on. Last year (July, 2011) I graduated with a BA in Psychology. But I still haven’t found a job, FML.

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Samurai Exhibition

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Beautiful Indonesia – 2010

In 2010 we went for seventeen days to Indonesia, mainly Sanur on Bali but we also visited Jogjakarta for two days. From Sanur we explored most of Bali. It was really a great adventure and I’m looking forward to returning to South-East Asia as soon as possible. But I’ve so many plans and dreams and so little time and money to fulfill them. Luckily I can look back on a few great holidays.

But back to the Indonesia experience:

  • The people on Bali are very friendly and helpful
  • It was harder to connect with the people on Java than on Bali in my opinion
  • The nature is beautiful, everywhere you look you see green
  • Hiring someone to drive you around is easy and affordable
  • Driving in Indonesia, let alone in a Bemo bus, is an adventure on itself
  • Many, beautiful temples on Bali
  • Borododur and Prambanan in Jogjakarta
  • Swam in the Holy Springs
  • Fell in the holy water of the Tirta Gangga Water Palace (woops)
  • Saw a beautiful waterfall near Tegenungan Village
  • Visited the biggest temple of Bali, Pura Besakih
  • Had a lot of fun in Waterbom Bali
  • Went snorkeling near Nusa Lembogan
  • Visited a local Balinese house
  • Helped a little on the rice fields (for the picture)
  • Swam at Nusa Dua and Kuta
  • Hopped on a rickshaw in Jogjakarta
  • Interacted with a orangutan
  • Saw the Barong dance
  • Visited the Monkey Forest
  • Enjoyed the views of the largest rice fields of Bali
  • Rode on the back of an elephant
  • Saw the Kecak dance
  • Interacted with a little white tiger
  • Haggling is a fun activity while visiting the markets
  • Bought a real Indonesia mask for 1/5 of the price they asked
  • Held an iguana
  • Took beautiful pictures
  • Felt happiness

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – by Miriam Beard

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Whenever I’m in bed and cannot catch my sleep – next time Sandman, bring me a dream – I start to become philosophical and think about the purpose of my life, concept of love and happiness. Last night I was thinking about the concept happiness, what is happiness and how can you obtain a full sense of happiness. So I’m eager to hear what your thoughts are on this.

The dictionary defines happiness as

1. the quality or state of being happy

“Happiness is an inner state of well being. A state of well being enables you to profit from your highest: thoughts, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, emotions, health, and spiritual values in your Lionel Ketchian

2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy

So if we are content with our situation, we are happy?

“You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your Bette Davis

So don’t struggle with the thoughts/dreams that you only live once and you want to do everything that is fun, exciting, adventurous etc.  No because you have to follow the general red line. Study hard till you are at least 18, after that work hard till you are 67. Retirement is in sight and if you are lucky then you may enjoy five more healthy years. These are the five years you don’t have to worry about school, work, money, mortgage or other obligations. It’s just you and all the things you dreamed about doing all your life.I know it sounds pessimistic, but don’t we deserve to enjoy every single day especially because we only live once? So what do you do to make sure you enjoy every single day to the fullest? I would love to hear your stories because thinking about my happiness is on my Bucket List for this year.

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There are a few games I’m looking forward to and I wanted to share them with you

Prototype 2

Release Date: Jul 24, 2012

Genre: Action Adventure

This one isn’t really high on my list but it deserves a spot. I’ve played prototype before, it’s a hack and slash game but it is nevertheless fun to play. You can morph your arm into a multiple range of weapons so you can enjoy the game for a while but I missed the dept in the game and after a few hours I moved on.

Sleeping Dogs

Release Date: Aug 14, 2012

Genre: Action Adventure

Don’t really know what to expect from this game, just saw the E3 demo today but it looks promising. It does look like they used the slowmotion action feature of Max Payne, it’s a fun feature but its a trademark of Max Payne. But the setting, Hong Kong, speaks to my appeal. I like martial arts and they used this in the gameplay aswell as the cinematics. So this game may surprise me.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Release Date: Oct 23, 2012

Genre: First-Person Shooter

As a FPS gamer I’ve played all MOH games so this is just a must play. MOH captures the intensity of the fight.

Assassin’s Creed III

Release Date: Oct 30, 2012

Genre: Action Adventure

Looking forward to what I can expect from the Civil War setting in this game. The story line is well written and the gameplay is fun but after two missions the game starts to repeat itself and the fights are too damn easy. Hopefully they found a way to make the game interesting and challenging.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Release Date: Nov 13, 2012

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Like the MOH games I’ve played every COD game and this is the best FPS out there. Just saying.

Hitman: Absolution

Release Date: Oct 20, 2012

Genre: Action

O.M.G. it’s been so long since the last Hitman game. The story line is just superb or at least right up my alley. Really enjoyed all the previous games of Hitman so looking forward to what they’ve come up with. The previews look very promising, especially the possibility that there are more options to eliminate your target. In Blood Money they had it too and that made the game fun and interesting. You could replay the game and find new ways.

Far Cry 3

Release Date: Dec 4, 2012

Genre: First-Person Shooter

A beautiful designed world, where you can run around, in a free roam setting, killing bad guys sounds like a dream vacation. The graphics are astonishing.

Tomb Raider (2013)

Release Date: Q1 2013

Genre: Action Adventure

One of the first games I started to play on the PC. I’m curious to see what kind of adventure they have in store for us now.

BioShock Infinite

Release Date: Feb 26, 2013

Genre: First-Person Shooters

Cool FPS shooter with a fun gameplay. I also like the story it is based on. I’ve really enjoyed playing the other two games.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Release Date: Q1 2013

Genre: Action Adventure

This one isn’t very high on my list either but I played Conviction last year so I thought I got to check this one out too.

Crysis 3

Release Date: Q2 2013

Genre: First-Person Shooter

An OK FPS shooter where you have a nanosuit with combat enhancement technology,  like stealth mode and extra armor.

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Bucket List 2012

As a inspiration to live my life to the fullest and enjoy it while I can I’ve compiled a list, a Bucket List if you will, of things I want to see and do before I die. Normally I use a general document as a guideline of the things I want to do but for this occasion I’ll focus the attention to the things I want to see and do this year, 2012.

  1. Sleep under the stars
  2. Take a picture of an endangered animal (in the wild)
  3. Go kayaking
  4. Getting my license to drive a motor
  5. Go wildwater rafting
  6. Celebrate Christmas and New Years on a beach
  7. Go wildlife spotting in National Parks
  8. Visit Costa Rica
  9. Start a food fight
  10. Spot whales and dolphins in the wild
  11. Visit Paris, France
  12. Mingle with the locals in Costa Rica
  13. Go your own way and ‘forget’ the boundaries of an organized holiday
  14. Go and volunteer abroad
  15. Focus on what is important*
  16. Stand on top of a(n) (active) volcano
  17. Scuba dive in Costa Rica
  18. Be adventurous
  19. Visit Prague, Czech Republic
  20. Dream about the things that are possible and try to fulfill as many as possible
  21. See the European Tour of Nitro Circus live
  22. See the sunrise (while on a beach)



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